“All Jews are responsible for one another.” .כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה

I want to thank everyone for your support during my first year at Akiva. I am extremely excited for next year and for a year filled with new educational goals and advances. The dedicated staff and leadership at this school are the backbones that make this school a success. I am looking forward to continuing the wonderful programs we have started this year and beginning new opportunities for both your children and for you as parents. I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and relaxing summer.

In my blog, I wrote about the three boys in Israel who are unfortunately still missing. We need to continue to pray on their behalf for their speedy and safe return. There are a few efforts going on world-wide which I would like to tell you about to support the boys and the soldiers who are putting in amazing efforts to find them. The first idea is to light three extra candles this Shabbat to keep these boys in our thoughts. The second effort is a cake project, where cakes are being distributed to the Israeli soldiers as a message of support. The bakery “English Cake” is sending cakes and will add 25% to the cost of each order as their contribution to the effort. The cakes are delivered to all of the soldiers serving between Beer Sheva and Jerusalem. The phone number to order is 02-6507066.

Have a wonderful summer and may your mitzvoth and prayers help to bring our boys home.

Lisa Steinmetz

Director of Jewish Life and Learning