Anna Maria Siklutskaya - first steps in the film industry

Anna-Maria Sieklucka bio is a well-known Polish actress. Over the years she has won huge love from the audiences of her films. And she is not limited to small Poland - films with her participation are watched all over the world.

Anna Maria Seklutska was born on May 31, 1992 in the Polish city of Lublin. Very little is known about her parents, because the actress does not talk about them. However, there is a confirmed fact that Anna Maria's father works as a lawyer. This is where the knowledge about the actress' relatives ends.

But it is important to note that they have never been stingy with her education. Thus, at a young age she enters the secondary school of Hetman Jan Zamoyska. By the way, this educational institution is among the best. After graduation, Anna Maria Seklutska moves to Wroclaw. There she studied at the puppet faculty of the notorious L. Solski Academy of Dramatic Art.

Anna Maria's career as a film actress began far from immediately. Until 2019, she lives in Warsaw, where she actively participates in productions of the local theater. Especially brightly remembered by the audience her role in the play "Valentine's Day". It is from this moment and begins a particularly bright creative life of the actress.

Her first experience in the movie was a small role in the series "Good or Bad". There she proved herself well enough, which opened the door to her cinematography. It is important to note the fact that there are sources indicating her participation in the movie "Alice in Wonderland" and "As never anything".

Status of the film actress

The end of 2019 had a very strong impact on the popularity and recognition of the actress. It was then that the trailer of the movie "365 Days" was released. Anna Maria played the main role there. The film is overflowing with various explicit scenes, where the actress herself was repeatedly filmed completely naked. Critics even drew a parallel with the sensational film "50 Shades of Grey". But as repeatedly stated Anna Maria herself, everything went well only because she was given time to get better acquainted with Michele Morrone, who played the male lead. They got along great, so the girl was not shy to appear naked in front of him.

Also, the actress has repeatedly noted that she sees her body only as a tool to convey the sexuality of the heroine, but not as an erotic piece of film. She was not shy to show it, because without such a practice, the picture would not have been complete and complete. The same opinion is held by the director of the picture. Mutual understanding and gave birth to a warm relationship in the film crew.

It is important to note that the entire team involved in filming the film, the atmosphere was close to friendly. Many remained good friends even after the film was released. Of course, this was all reflected in the film in one way or another, in the way it was shot. Only a really friendly team could create such a passionate picture, full of feelings and love. This was noticed not only by the press, but also by famous critics. Unfortunately, many of them could not appreciate the film at its true value, so the rating of the picture was firmly fixed at 4 out of 10.

Personal Life

Previously, she did not talk about her personal life, but recently announced the name of her lover. It turned out to be Lukasz Witt-Michalkowski. By the way, he is the director of the theater, in the productions of which Anna Maria Seklutskaya takes part. Little is known about him, but the difference in age between the partners is visible to the naked eye. According to one source, the man is 18 years older than Anna Maria. But she does not pay attention to this, because the main thing is love.

Anna Maria Seklutskaya now

After shooting in the drama "365 Days", the actress is worried that she will only receive offers to shoot in films with explicit bed scenes. But so far she is not ready to decide her fate in the world of cinema, so most often she answers with the phrase "we'll see".

At the moment she is taking part in a European online platform. Such attention has drawn attention to her persona. She has quite a few subscribers on social networks, where she often broadcasts live.

The actress carefully hides everything, which does not allow the press to get into the most hidden places and moments of life of Anna Maria Seklutskaya. But maybe it's for the best, because this way the actress is confident in the privacy of her private life, which is very important!