Fixed income strategy

The fixed profit strategy is one of the most adequate representatives of financial systems for bankroll management in sports betting. The strategy is inherently very close to the traditional and American flat, but at the same time it even has a number of advantages compared to them. Let's figure out what it is.

What is the difference between a fixed profit strategy, traditional and American flat?

All three of these systems fall into the category of even sports betting bankroll distribution strategies most suitable for professional betting The difference lies only in the fixation object:

In a traditional flat, the amount of the bet is fixed. That is, the same amount is bet for each choice, regardless of the quotes. There is also a kind of dynamic flat, in which the amount changes, but the percentage of the current bank remains unchanged.

In the American flat, the payout amount is fixed. That is, we bet less on high odds, and more on low odds, so that the payout from each bet is approximately the same. For example, so that payments for all bets are equal to 5,000 rubles.

In the strategy we are considering today, net profit is fixed from a bet. That is, net winnings, minus the amount of the bet. Here, as in the American flat, there is a dependence of the size on the level of the coefficient, less money is put on high quotes than on low ones.

Fixed Profit Strategy Example

Take the outcome of two NBA basketball games. In the first game, we bet on the favorite, Oklahoma, with odds of 1.71. In the second match, we believe in the underdog, Charlotte, and the odds are much higher here. According to the fixed profit strategy, we distribute bet amounts in such a way that the net profit from the outcome is equal.

7225 - 4225 u003d 3000 rubles of net profit
3800 - 800 u003d 3000 rubles of net profit
The bet amounts vary greatly, the payout sizes also differ by almost half, but if we talk about net profit, then it will be the same in both cases. To quickly calculate the amount of the bet, there is a special simple formula.

F / (K - 1) = S
Where F is the amount of fixed profit (in our case, 3000), which we determine at the beginning of the game according to this strategy. K is the outcome factor. As a result, we get S - the amount of the bet on a specific outcome for this strategy.

We check the calculations according to the formula:

3000 / (1.71 - 1) = 4225 rubles
3000 / (4.75 - 1) = 800 rubles
Which completely coincides with the numbers calculated in the bet coupon.