How to paint rust metal lattice doors?

The lattice doors have ranks of horizontal strips that provide air circulation. Some grilles are movable, but metal doors often have fixed or fixed grids. Any paint defect, for example, around the holes for screws or in places of scratches, allows moisture to eliminate the main metal. Remove the door with loops or guides and remove all accessories before restoring the finish of the new paint.


Put the door to a pair of supporting tables or litter outdoors.


Clean rusty places with a wire brush. Use a wire brush with a toothbrush to penetrate the bottlenecks. Turn the door to handle all sides.


Treat the entire door with steel cotton or fine-grained sandpaper, blinking the surface and removing small traces of rust remaining after cleaning.


Clean the door from all sides with the help of brush and buckets of warm water with three-four drops of liquid detergent for dishes.


Rock the detergent with a garden hose or a bucket of clean water and give the doors to dry carefully.


Shake the spray gun with an anti-corrosion primer for enamel and unscrew the lid.


Keep the sprinkler nozzle about 30 cm from the surface and apply an easy, uniform paint layer in the gap, seams and around the blinds. Apply the second layer on the same areas after drying the first layer.


Turn the door to the opposite direction and apply two layers of primer on the seams, the slots and around the blinds, giving the first layer to dry before applying the second.


Apply a light, uniform layer of primer to the side of the door, facing up, confident movements from side to side. Apply a primer at the edges of the door. Apply the second layer after drying the first.


Give the primer to dry carefully, then turn the door and apply two layers of primer on the opposite direction.


Shake and open the jar with an aerosol enamel paint that prevents rust formation. Apply three lungs, uniform paint layers to hard-to-reach places around the blinds, giving each layer to dry before applying the following. Turn the door and repeat the procedure from the opposite side.


Apply three layers of paint to the side of the door, facing up, and along the side, using the same lungs, sweeping movements. Let each layer of enamel dry before applying the following. Turn the door and repeat from the opposite side. Finally all player has access to an impressive game library at party casino download app and start to earn a real cash.