Many players use "control tools" for limits or bans

Many online casinos and online game libraries offer their players so-called "control tools". Here, the players can set individual stake or loss limits or be completely blocked for a certain period of time. As the European gaming association EGBA reported a few days ago, such tools are currently enjoying great popularity.

It was only recently that we reported that the OASIS player lock system was not yet working properly . At least the provider-related “control tools” for self-exclusion and for setting certain limits work for this. The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) reported these days that precisely these “control tools” are currently enjoying great popularity. But there is also criticism of the tools that each provider makes available individually.

Many players use "control tools"

As the EGBA describes in its current report, the majority of online players now use the option of temporary game bans or limits. Online casinos licensed in the EU must provide their users with such "control tools". More precisely, they must enable the players to set a certain loss or deposit limit for a certain period of time. In addition, the players must have the option of being completely blocked for a certain period of time.

This is how responsible gaming works

As the EGBA further reports, more than 75% of online players used such a "control tool" at least once in the past year. This means that more than three in four gambling fans have shown themselves their limits. In previous years, the proportion of players who used such tools was significantly lower (2019: 63%; 2018: 37%).

Which player protection tools were used frequently?

Online gamblers used the freely selectable betting limits particularly often in the past year (22%). Temporary self-locks and time limits were also used relatively regularly by the players (5% each).

The responsible general secretary of the EGBA, Maarten Haijer, was pleased with the high level of acceptance of the tools for player protection. He paid tribute to the commitment of the gaming providers, who, it seems, are largely interested in the protection of their players.

The executives of the big gambling giants bet365, Kindred, William Hill, Betsson and Entain also released a statement in which they are apparently aware of their responsibility:

“We believe it is our responsibility to provide customers with information and innovative tools to help them play safely. In particular, we strive to support all those customers who have problems controlling their gambling. "

However, the player protection organization BeGambleAware still sees a lot of potential in the efforts of the gaming providers. The tools for self-protection can be optimized and improved in order to increase their effectiveness.

Advice: Play only in the best casinos


Unfortunately, tools for player protection still have a certain stigma attached to them. Many a player does not consider it necessary to use such “control tools”, since he does not display any problematic gaming behavior. As a result, it is necessary to be able to lose control of one's gaming behavior, at least temporarily, in order to ultimately use the voluntary “player protection tools”. But more than three out of four mobile casino players have already used such a “control tool” at least once in the past year - and the trend is rising.