Simple tips to live a good life and be happy

How does a person feel in life and society, and how much does he generally like the way he lives? Well, it turns out that all these are largely our subjective feelings, and often our joy of life does not depend at all on financial well-being. 

Let's figure out what can actually make us feel better and happier every day.


Share the moments with friends

As sociologists note, the feeling of well-being for a person does not depend on how full the wallet is, but on the number of friends and acquaintances. And it is these connections, not money, that help us feel protected, safe, and look into the future with confidence, since we know for sure that they will support and help in times of need.

With the spread of the Internet, many of us began to lose the usual offline connections and make less friends during meetings, events and so on. It is a fact. 

But not everything is so simple. The web is just a tool and everyone uses it differently. Like that, the Internet can become a powerful means of socialization as well. From Hong Kong to Ontario dating sites introduce a truly immense variety of people. So finding close-minded, interesting true friends and soulmates becomes an essential, yet very feasible task.


Don’t put off happiness

A trite but true expression goes that happiness is definitely not a destination, but rather a way. So do not forget that you are creating happiness with your thoughts every minute. After all, it is you who choose how to look and feel about what is happening to you. 

A nice way to remind yourself of positive things around you is to keep a journal of gratitude, or simply write out all activities you love and enjoy, and regularly go through this list choosing something from there to have fun.


Forget about the ideal body image

How often do you fall for the beauty industry trends, the opinions of your relatives and friends? The body is the little that really belongs to you. Who, if not you, decides how it should look? It only matters how you feel.


Set yourself a new goal in life

Think about where you are going lately. Did you dream about this in childhood, in your youth, two years ago? Many motivational gurus and coaches agree that there are practically no unattainable goals. If you set a high target level for yourself and do not deviate from what you have planned, then you will not only achieve what you want, but along the way perform a lot of useful and interesting tasks and will begin to believe in yourself much more than before.