Rambo The Video Game passing tips - Main missions # 013

- After receiving the desired level, you also receive benefits. You can use up to three perics at the same time (three slots), but you start with one slot - the rest you get on time. Of course, there are much more perics than the slots, and each of them gives the appropriate attributes (for example, a longer anger, additional factors when restoring health, etc.).

- Do not forget to use bonuses for your own gaming method or current goal. Use, for example, Perk to gain experience, if you want to strengthen your character even more, or use the appropriate perk when you again perform the same mission, for example, to unlock special weapons.

- Wisely choose benefits like skills - but do not be afraid to experiment. You can reset the settings of your character and play with them again before each mission.

How to Play Rambo to Be Best - Tips and Tips

- Remember that you get glasses for murder, as well as for the destruction of the environment or vehicles - so you destroy everything around yourself, do not stop shooting.

- Point multiplier, basic combinations, increases with x1 to x15, if you continue to shoot. Thus, for a damaged trunk or armored car, it can dial a lot of points. Therefore, make sure that you continue to increase the multiplier of points (located in the upper left corner, under the health panel).

- Do not clean on the laurels: Eliminate enemies and surrounding all the time. Examine the stages of reloading weapons at the right time, preferably at the time of the transition when you cannot shoot.

- If the ammunition ended and the enemy did not die, do not waste time for recharging when you are in the field of view of the enemy. Quickly use the second weapon and continue to destroy the enemy, keeping the multiplier of glasses high (maximum x15).

- Quickly eliminate the enemies standing next to each other, preferably shots in the head - you activate Combo Kill Chain, which will allow you to accumulate even more points.

- Use grenades on the clusters of soldiers, similarly shoot from explosive barrels and fuel tanks on vehicles: This will allow you to quickly increase anger and, of course, expand or run the chain of the murders.

- Use Perk to quickly dry out due to shelter: the faster you can stick out, the less time you lose. On the other hand, Rambo does not need to hide behind the shelter, if only your dexterity in the battle allows it. Use the appropriate benefits and develop your skills so that you can play really open cards: destroying enemies, do not hide, you can use a lot of combinations and multiply points. Register and play at slot sites casino for real money or in demo mode on our website!