Sparkly Christmas Shoes

No ordinary shoes will do on Christmas day! A girl needs special shoes, something sparkly, something with glitter. What little girl wouldn't want a new pair of shoes, covered in glitter, to wear for Christmas? Don't bother to browse for them. Although you'll find red, gold, silver and other glitter-covered shoes during the holidays they come with a pretty hefty price tag. Why? A little glitter and some glue is only a few bucks!

Many people don't know they can add their own glitter embellishments to various types of shoes. Patten leather shoes are a great choice because they generally have an attractive style suitable for wearing on Christmas. Canvas shoes or sneakers, on the other hand, aren't ideal. Whatever shoes you decide to glitter get them ready by making sure they are clean and dry.

Glitter-glue might be okay for some craft projects but don't use it for shoes. Glue with glitter flakes for resin molds already mixed in tends to run after it's applied. You have other choices that are much more appropriate. Spray adhesive works really well but you have to do further preparations on the shoes. Use masking tape to cover any part of the shoe that you don't want glittered. The overspray from the adhesive can get on places you don't want it and you'll end up with a mess. Cover all those areas with the tape and wait until the glitter and glue are completely set before removing it.

You can use many different adhesives if you brush them on. Again, it's helpful to tape over areas of the shoes you don't want glittered. Apply the glue with a paintbrush spreading it thinly but covering completely. It's easiest to quickly cover the whole shoe with the glue, then the glitter, than to work in sections. When you apply it in sections you can have overlapped areas, where the glitter is thicker than in other places, as well as bare areas.

Tie a string on a coat hanger and hang it upside-down somewhere away from a wall. Use the hook of the hanger to hang a shoe. Put each shoe on its own hanger so they don't bump together. After the shoes are dry examine them to see if there are any bare places - even tiny ones. If so, apply more adhesive with a small artist brush then sprinkle on the glitter. Or, if there happens to be a place where there's a tad too much glitter you can use fine sandpaper to file it down a little.

Before removing the tape use a spray-on lacquer to protect the glitter. When it's dry you can remove the tape. The glitter shoes are perfect for any little girl to wear for Christmas, church or another occasion. The glitter shoes are not just for little girls; they're great for women, too!