The husband lost all his savings in a Canadian online casino before the divorce. Legal issue

The husband lost all his savings in a Canadian online casino before the divorce. Legal issue

Stories about gamblers who have played out to smithereens are often written almost like a carbon copy. Everything starts beautifully - a new hobby, adrenaline, winnings. Only very soon the situation changes, and not for the better. And already at this stage, an attentive wife may notice that her husband is playing at a Canadian online casino At first, he stops providing everything for which he previously allocated money, then he begins to hide and get out, becomes laconic, irritable - and this is a sign that there are debts. Most often, there are already a lot of them, and the husband himself cannot cope with payments.

Moral component

You can say as much as you like that gambling is codependency, but there are not even a couple of per cent of wives who admit it. It also happens when everyone around advises to get a divorce - very many do not go for it, remaining literally hostage to the situation. When you still have feelings for your husband, you can try to get him out of the hole into which he fell through Best Online Casinos Canada. This will take a lot of time and effort. As a rule, the news of major losses and debts appears like a bolt from the blue. Nobody suspects anything, because you can play in online casinos almost imperceptibly. But there are some "bells" - a person becomes withdrawn, irritable, changes established habits over the years. Many believe that it is unrealistic to lose a lot of money, an apartment or a house, moreover, officially. But in reality, this is not the case. Not all contracts are drawn up according to the rules, and besides, there are schemes to bypass the law.

Legal advice

No lawyer will tell a woman in this position to stay with her husband and continue to suffer. The most important thing is to run away, but legal issues will have to be resolved. If the lost savings were only his - this is one situation, and here you can just leave, but in the case of joint property or money you need to fight. If the wife knows about the existing problem, then the first thing she should do is find a lawyer whom she will fully trust. The second step is to come to him and tell him everything, without hiding - only in this case the lawyer can help. There are nuances in every business, and savings are different. To find the right path, you need to know them thoroughly. Sometimes part of the money is returned, and this is only a small compensation for what the wife goes through in the process. There are more and more players in the Best Online Casinos Canada online casino every day, and gambling addiction, a problem that appears at any age, is present in people of different social statuses. When there is not enough money, the gambler agrees to sell his soul to the devil, and besides, they all think that they will win back. To live or not to live with a gambling addict - such a decision is made only by a woman, wife, mother. And most often it is based on the fact that it is impossible to live with a person who does not think about the family and does not care about its welfare - no love can stand it. All the stories of divorce, before which a man lost a lot of money, or even all his savings in an online casino in Canada, are like two peas in a pod. And everywhere there is pain and tears, disappointment and a broken life. It is worth remembering, however, that money is not everything. Everyone has the right to a happy and comfortable life, and you should not deny yourself this, holding on to a lost gambler and paying off his debts.