Tips for a winning football parlay strategy

Football players know that this is one of the most exciting methods of betting. However, when creating football predictions and parlays, it is crucial to use a good betting strategy. Combining two or more bets, known as a parlay, requires a significant risk in exchange for the opportunity to win a large payout.

Due to the unpredictable nature of this sport, a football parlay is one of the riskiest bets you can make. To win a parlay bet, you must complete all your guesses correctly. You lose the entire amount if you lose just one of your bets. You can start betting by going to

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Stick to what you know

Stick to what is played in football leagues that you are familiar with and follow when building football bets. If you're not familiar with the teams or clubs you're thinking of betting on, it's virtually impossible to put together winning football bets.

Try building parlays in matches between Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City, for example, if you're a fan of the English Premier League. Avoid playing AC Milan with Chelsea if you don't keep up with Serie A results and form.

Even if you follow the league, double-check the numbers to make sure your predictions are accurate before placing a parlay bet. Parlay picks that aren't backed up by statistics are likely to cause a lot of confusion. Poor choices will result in unexpected outcomes and a greater risk of losing all your stake money.

Check the latest numbers if you are not sure about your football predictions when playing parlays. Make sure your parlay does not contain any uneducated bets. Stick to what you know.

High risk bets should be avoided

While some players like the thrill of taking huge chances, most individuals prefer to play it safe. At all costs, stay away from high-risk parlays. The riskier your parlay becomes when you add more bets. You can reduce your overall risk by limiting the number of teams you place on your parlay.

Football bets with seven or more selections can have a big payout, but they are also high-risk bets with a low probability of winning. It is preferable to avoid football games with so many choices, regardless of the possible payout from winning a 10-bet parlay.

Let's say you place a 10-bet parlay bet, which is a high-risk bet with a low probability of winning. If the teams in the games you bet on are evenly balanced, a 10-bet parlay has a 1,023 to 1 chance of winning. Those are not exactly favourable odds.

The most effective method of parlay is to parlay wisely. Make a few low-risk bets on two or three teams. We recommend playing safe and choosing picks that are already favored to win. Even if you put together a 10-bet parlay and were right on all but one of your picks, you would still lose.

No chance of a draw

A draw market is available with most prominent football companies. This market, often known as the 2-way Moneyline, offers a Moneyline with two betting options: Team A or Team B. These bets are comparable to conventional bets on match results when added to a parlay, except that they have slightly better odds.

Most online sportsbooks provide a 3-way Moneyline market for each match, giving you three betting options. The odds in this market are split between bets on team A, team B and the draw (sometimes known as a 1×2 bet).

When betting on the Draw No Bet market, you only have the option to choose one of two teams to win. If the team ties, your bet is void, meaning you win nothing and get your original bet back as if it never happened. As there is no option to bet on a draw in the DNB market, you have a slight advantage over the 3-way market.

Since parlay selections are limited to either team winning, bets on a team winning a tie will be pushed. If you have a DNB in a four-bet parlay and the match ends in a tie, that portion of the bet is void. Your football bet will be paid out as a three-way bet if the rest of the matches go as expected.

Both teams will score in the market (BTTS)

Try markets other than the outright winner markets to get the biggest odds instead of just hedging your bets. Another popular football market is the market for both teams to score, which can be much easier to predict than outright wins.


This is especially true if you have multiple matches between clubs with the highest points, such as Manchester City and Liverpool in the English Premier League. Since these clubs have some of the best strikers in the world, the chances of both sides scoring at least one goal during their matches are much higher.

Consider a weekend with EPL teams like Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City or MLS teams like LAFC and Toronto. All four teams are known for their goal-scoring abilities when the highest-scoring teams in soccer playoffs on the same weekend,