Peptic ulcer - causes, symptoms, treatment

Parity disease is a chronic disease that leads to the presence of gastritis or duodenitis - the inflammatory process of the gastric mucosa or intestines. A peptic ulcer can develop in people at any age, but most often it occurs from 30 to 40 years. The reason for the appearance of the disease:- heredity;- drugs;- psycho-emotional state of the patient;- irrational nutrition and the use of products harmful to the body ;- stresses;- smoking and taking alcoholic beverages;- penetration into the body with dirty products of bacteria that do not die in an acidic environment (Helicobacter Pilori). Simptoms of a peptic ulcer of such a disease are the appearance of acute or aching pain in the right part of the rib, which can last up to several hours. It can occur at night and be pulsating, cutting or stitching. Pain can pass for a while after taking food or liquid. Pain appears and worries up to several weeks, then subside for a while, and then appear again. The main symptom is also an echoing with a sour taste. The patient begins to lose weight, vomiting, anemia and stools with bloody particles appear during exacerbation. Often in such cases there are constipation. Simptoms of the manifestation of duodenal ulcers. When the intestinal ulcer appears, the patient feels pain under the chest at the abdomen, especially in the period when a person is very hung. Pain can be given to different parts of the body (heart, back). Often patients experience a constant feeling of hunger, nausea, bloating, general weakness, belching and flatulence. In the later stages, the patient has blood in feces and vomiting with blood. The treatment of internal bleeding will be the main treatment for surgery. Especially today, when each disease can be cancer. During the operation, an ulcer is removed along with some section of the sick organ. With surgical treatment, the nerve endings are often carried out, which are responsible for the production of gastric secrets. This leads to the fact that the ulcer heals on its own. Such operations are carried out on the stomach and intestines. The ulcer disease is effectively carried out using medications. When infected with a bacterium, I use an antibiotic. Preparations that reduce acidity that restore the intestinal mucosa and stomach are also prescribed, drugs that improve duodenal motility and eliminate unpleasant symptoms. In addition, a very important point is the observance of a special diet. через службы поддержки официального сайта, на ресурсах партнеров, с помощью функции поиска любого браузера. мостбет Алгоритм заключения пари на таком альтернативном ресурсе, как БК Мостбет зеркало, ничем не отличается от той же процедуры на официальном сайте