The Pekofsky Family

“Before making the decision to send our children to Akiva we were informed about the incredibly innovative Jewish and secular education the school had to offer. However, we had no idea how important this would be for our family until the pandemic hit and our son joined the C class. When we received the news about the making of the C class there was a huge relief that overcame us. Our anxiety about returning to school was eased and we were once again excited about starting this new chapter in a way that was safe for our family. 

As always, Akiva took the lead by choosing to create a complete online program mimicking the education in school. This allows our son to be included in Kindergarten without being physically present in school. Every detail of the curriculum is covered in the C class including the inspirational Kabalat Shabbat program, a family favorite. This C class is unique as it is a separate class with a small number of students focused only on the children who are at home and not a live video of the classroom. The personal attention the class receives makes it possible for our son to learn online at such a young age as he is able to focus directly on the teachers who are there solely for the students in the program. The teachers use innovative online programs to connect with the students and are always checking in to make sure they are focused, happy and learning. 

Learning during a pandemic has its challenges, Akiva has jumped through hoops for their students and succeeded by creating an incredible online program for which we are forever grateful.”

Jenny Hoppenheim & Matthew Pekofsky