School Fees – 2023-2024



Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten:
$200 Registration Fee
$4275 Secular fees
$8755 Jewish studies

Total K: $13 230

Grades 1-6:
$200 Registration Fee
$3820 Secular fees
$11310 Jewish studies

Total: $15 330

Security Fee

To support our enhanced security updates, your annual school fees will include a $200 security fee per family.

Building Fund Contribution

A contribution of $3600 per family (payable at $900 per year over 4 years) is applicable to all new Akiva families.

Extended Day Fees for Kindergarten

You will be able to register, for an additional fee, at the beginning of the school year.

Akiva Life Fee for Child

To support the Akiva Life Parent Association special school activities, a fee of $54 per child has also been included in your statement of account.