Ethics and Religious Culture

The Akiva School Ethics and Religious Culture program is given in French to all grades.

Within the Ethics and Religious Culture program, we familiarize students with the diversity that exists in the quebec society as well as the global world.

We teach the students about other religions and cultures around us. At the elementary level, students learn to reflect on ethical questions using simple and familiar situations. Students are asked to consider such topics as the needs of people and the demands of being a part of a society. The Jewish religion is taught throughout all the cycles as well. Other religions are covered over the course of a cycle depending on the interest and needs of the class.

Our goal is to guide students to question and evaluate their options with respect to:

  • How to be socially responsible in our world
  • How to have constructive dialogues with an open mind.
  • How to recognize and appreciate diversity in our world.

Our students are taught to reflect and be mindful of all different types of religions and cultures that make up the fabric of the society around us.  Topics such as racism and prejudice are explored to reinforce our students’ roles in social justice and becoming productive citizens in today’s world.