Home and School

Akiva Life President and Vice President – left to right – Michelle Cola Hasen and Elana Zelikovic Ostroff

Akiva School home and school relationship is a vital and integral part of the student life and educational experience at our school. Home and school efforts are coordinated through The Akiva Life Committee.


The Akiva Life Committee works together with the Head of School, the teachers and the Board of Directors to enhance the quality of life for the school community in keeping with the mission of the school. The Akiva Life Committee provides parents with the opportunity to become part of the thriving Akiva community through a wide variety of committees including:

  • Back to School Picnic Committee
  • Class Parent Committee
  • School Photos Committee
  • School Play Committee
  • Art Fair Committee
  • Teacher Appreciation Committee
  • Hot Lunch Committee
  • Chessed Committee
  • Jewish Life and Learning
  • School Supplies Committee
  • Classroom Volunteer
  • Mishloach Manot Committee