Cooki Levy z’l Legacy Fund

Cook Levy z’l, Former Head of School

As Head of School of Akiva for 23 years, educational consultant for Prizmah Center for Jewish Day Schools and Executive Director of Bronfman Jewish Education Center (BJEC), Cooki was a passionate advocator of professional development for Jewish educators. Cooki always believed that the key to excellence in Jewish learning was creating a growth mindset culture where educators were inspired through opportunities to continually expand and deepen their skills.

The Cooki Levy z’l Legacy Fund will reflect her dedication to professional development, supporting innovative programming, educational conferences and initiatives such as the Akiva Staff Retreat. Unique to Akiva School, the Staff Retreat was created by Cooki and will be relaunched and rejuvenated next year with support directly from this new fund.

Over the decades, Cooki touched so many lives of students, families and educators through her leadership, guidance, and wisdom. She fueled the spirit of Akiva School, positioning it as one of the leading Jewish Day Schools in North America. Now in honour of her memory and the impact that she had on us all, please join us building the Cooki Levy z’l Legacy Fund.

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