The newly renovated campus of Akiva School provides a top notch facility to support our children’s learning experiences. Some of our school facility highlights include:

Latest classroom furniture and design to promote more active learning:

Over the past 4 years, Akiva School has introduced a new classroom design featuring new furniture in line with their focus on holistic education where the child is at the center of the learning. New tables, seating arrangements and modular design will allow more free movement and collaboration. Students can get up, move, explore different learning scenarios and can take an active lead in their learning.

Beautiful renovated Rosemary and Mel Hoppenheim Early Learning Center:

We are so proud to launch this year, our completely renovated new area for our Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students.  The Rosemary and Mel Hoppenheim Early Learning Center is designed for the learning needs of our youngest students.  With brightly coloured walls and lighting, custom made individual cubbies, and a private bathroom just for our Junior Kindergarten students, the area helps our students feel the warmth, joy and excitement of their Akiva school days.

New Junior Kindergarten room:

Our new Junior Kindergarten room has been created for the learning needs of our 4 year old students.  This spacious new room incorporates natural materials such as wood and plant greenery to create a peaceful and engaging room in which our students can thrive and learn every day.

Spacious bright kindergarten learning spaces:

Akiva kindergarten classrooms feature several learning stations in a bright spacious area for our active kindergarten students to move around and stay engaged.

A comprehensive library and Koifman Family Community Building Resource Center:

One of the most important skills any child can learn in elementary school is the ability to read independently and effectively. Our large school library helps support our language programming by offering our students a wide selection of age appropriate fiction, non-fiction and educational reading. The Koifman Family Community Building Resource Center is also housed in the library where students come together for extra curricular activities such as knitting, book club and board games


Our state-of-the-art Naomi and Sam Fayer Innovation Lab:

Our Naomi and Sam Fayer Akiva Innovation Lab is a platform for driving this belief and showing our students “If you dream it, you can make it”. The Lab is used to support our unique programming and our STEAM focus, bringing new project-based learning to life and enabling our teachers to expand our curriculum with respect to robotics, science and art.  Through the resources in the Innovation Lab, our students are inspired to collaborate, create, and confidently take charge of their own learning.  Our students, from Kindergarten through grade 6, are empowered, through formal and informal learning, to become part of a global community of designers, creators and inventors, all linked by motivation to continually improve and learn more.  Our teachers play the role of facilitators encouraging students to explore and experiment in a safe space where a love of learning is fostered.

Our New Akiva Ninette Assouline Malca French Language Lab – the First of its Kind in North America:

As a proven pedagogical leader in the North American educational field, Akiva School was excited to launch last year the first elementary-level Language Lab in the province of Quebec and across North America. The Akiva Ninette Assouline Malca Language Lab is a unique learning space that enables students to explore new languages at their own pace, in small groups, or one-on-one with the teacher, using an interactive computer-based platform.  The technology in the lab also has a portable component, so that students can bring interactive language learning home as well.

A Beautiful Full Size Gymnasium:

Athletics and teaching healthy lifestyle habits are important parts of the Akiva School’s approach to developing the “whole child”. Our newly built, full size gymnasium offers a safe and positive environment for our students to develop gross and fine motor skills, teamwork and important social skills through athletics such as sports, gymnastics and yoga.

Our Fun and Colourful Outdoor Playground:

Exercise and staying active are important parts of the Akiva School day.  Every day, Akiva students spend over 60 minutes of recess time outdoors having fun in our Akiva playground.