Admission Process

As a community school, we encourage all those who are interested in Jewish education for their children to explore Akiva, to attend our Open House, to meet with us in person and to learn about our core values and our approach to education. We accept applications from all interested parties; however space constraints often prevent us from accepting all who apply. Siblings, and those families who share Akiva School ’s vision of education and of Jewish education, are given priority. Decisions reflect our commitment to creating classes that reflect an appropriate balance of boys and girls as well as the varied cultural and religious orientations of the Montreal Jewish community.

Are you interested in transferring your child from another school?

Would you like your child to spend a day at Akiva?

Please contact Heather Ingberg, Admissions Coordinator, at (514) 939-2430, ext 120 for all your admission questions.

Admission Process for new families/children entering kindergarten at Akiva is as follows: (Please see below for new families entering classes 1 to 6)

(The official registration process for kindergarten begins 2 years before the child’s entry into school. We suggest that you either fill out the online inquiry form or call the school when your child is almost 3 years old.)

Step 1 – Visit the School:
It is recommended that new families attend the Open House for the best opportunity to learn about Akiva.  The Open House typically takes place in November.  Please click here to find out more about this year’s Open House.

We are always open to visitors to the school.  Please call Heather Ingberg to arrange – (514) 939-2430, extension 120.

Step 2 – Book a meeting with the Head of School:
Families that are interested can book a meeting with our Head of School and Admissions Coordinator, during a six week period after the open house. New families are invited to attend with their child.

Step 3 – Submit Application:
Parents are invited to submit an application to the school at any time before or after the meeting in step 2.  There is a $50 application fee.

Please click here to download a copy of our application form:

Akiva application form 2017 2018

Step 4 – Accepted families will be called:

Families that have been accepted are called in January and asked to bring in a non-refundable administrative fee that will guarantee their spot.

Wait Pool
Families that have not been accepted are automatically placed in a wait pool. We encourage families that have been placed in the wait pool to communicate with the school on a regular basis in order to keep their files active.

There are up to 52 children that are registered at each level from Kindergarten through grade six (up to 26 in each class).  We are very strict in respecting these numbers and do not exceed this amount at any time.

Admission Process for new families/children entering grade 1 to 6:

Step 1: Call the school to book a meeting with the Head of School.
Families that are interested can book a meeting with our Head of School at any time. We will also give you a tour of the school. Please call Heather Ingberg (514) 939-2430, extension 120.

Step 2 – Submit Application:
After the meeting, if the family is interested in continuing the registration process, they are invited to submit an application to the school.

Step 3 – Accepted families will be called:
When a space becomes available, the family will be called and offered a space. A deposit will be required to secure the space. If no space is available, the child is automatically placed in a waiting pool until a space becomes available.