Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics (STEAM)

Our STEAM program is developed and delivered by our multidisciplinary STEAM team. STEAM is formally integrated into our curriculum across all grades and complimented informally through our extra-curricular programs including Open Innovation, Gardening, and Competitive Educational Robotics.

Our STEAM program is centered around both problem-based and project-based learning. Throughout the year, students are engaged in STEAM activities within the STEAM disciplines as well as within the context of the Jewish culture. Members of our STEAM team collaborate with all teachers in developing cross-curricular activities as part of our school-wide philosophy.


Science is delivered in French in all levels and is taught within the standards of the Quebec Education Program. Our mission is to help build a strong foundation of understanding of key scientific concepts, terminology, and communication that will help students move forward into high-school and on. Equally important for us is to present them with rich opportunities to explore and develop their interest in STEAM.


Technology is used to enhance both teaching and learning at Akiva. It is integrated across the curriculum. Early development of logic and higher-order thinking is promoted through Educational robotics and computer coding and progressively introduced starting in Kindergarten. Students learn to use a variety of educational software applications for productivity, design and creation. Our goal is not only to help students develop critical technology-based skills but to also foster an appreciation for the role technology plays in society and the importance of practicing digital citizenship.


Whether it be through language, drama or visual arts, self-expression is important aspect of development for all our students. We therefore focus on autonomous and collaborative activities and projects that promote personal identity. Arts at Akiva includes traditional forms of art as well as technology-based arts using Green screen productions, Stop Motion Animation, and a variety of Multimedia authoring applications. The Arts is used to grow a sense of community and develop a sense of every student’s Jewish heritage. Throughout the year students celebrate their heritage through different forms of art related to traditions and holidays.

 Engineering & Mathematics

Engineering concepts and mathematics are incorporated into our STEM time curriculum. Developmentally appropriate engineering activities enable students to understand the basics of the engineering design process in solving real-world problems. They learn about the characteristics of different material and how they can be incorporated into their design. They learn how to apply their mathematics, technology and science knowledge as well as imagination into their ideas. These ideas are then materialized in our Naomi & Sam Fayer Innovation Lab which provides a rich environment for any young engineer to flourish.



Nick Roussos – Director of STEAM & Technology

Drew Rothman – Math Coordinator

Jake Stevens – STEM Teacher

Isabelle Silva – Art & Drama

Janice Camlot – Librarian