Annual Giving Campaign

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At Akiva School, we believe in unleashing our students’ unique strengths and tapping into their innate curiosity to learn and grow.

Our new Akiva Innovation LAB will be a platform for driving this belief and showing our students “If you dream it, you can make it”. We want to use this space to support our unique programming and our STEAM focus, bringing new project-based learning to life in our curriculum.  Through the resources in the Innovation Lab, our students will be inspired to collaborate, create, and confidently take charge of their own learning. We will empower our students to become part of a global community of designers, creators and inventors, all linked by motivation to continually improve and learn more.

The Innovation Lab will help us reach to a new level of learning. In particular, we are very excited with the potential for infusing new ideas into our Jewish studies programming. Using the resources in the Innovation Lab, educators will be there to guide students in building projects that not only inspire creativity but also a deeper understanding of Torah and Jewish values. Through authentic, tangible projects, students will be able to make meaningful links between Jewish learning and everyday life.

We need your help. Please give to our Annual Giving Campaign 2018 to help us build our vision and light up our learning with bright new ideas.

All donations are appreciated and all donors will be invited to our Donor Appreciation Soirée on Thursday, May 24th.


There are also a number of naming opportunities available for our Innovation Lab and associated centers.

If you are interested in being involved in the Annual Giving Campaign 2018, please contact Lynn Etinson in the school office at 514-939-2430, ext 124 or