Lifeworthy Learning

Teaching to the Whole Child

At Akiva we believe that every child can succeed. We offer our students an integrated General Studies and Judaic program that is rich, dynamic, and rigorous. Students at Akiva learn in a cooperative, respectful, and engaging environment and are encouraged to think critically, and to be innovators.

Relevant and Meaningful Learning

Our passionate teachers inspire the children to develop a lifelong love of learning, and engage the children in learning activities that promote the key skills needed for success in the 21st century. Our teachers are highly committed to using a broad range of instructional strategies that speak to the strengths and needs of each child. At Akiva we continuously look to strengthen our programs, and support new initiatives that promote the ongoing professional growth of our teachers so that they continue to learn, improve, and develop best teaching practices.

At Akiva learning is meaningful, relevant and fun!

Akiva in the Suburban Digital Newsletter Oct 16 2014