Access and Affordability at Akiva – Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right time to apply to A+A@A or CAPS?

A+A@A: Applications should be submitted by April for the following school year. Responses will be sent to families in May, or approximately a month following the family’s application.
CAPS: The calculator opens in the fall and closes on April 9, 2019 for the school year beginning in September.

Do we need to inform Akiva during our registration process whether or not we will need to apply for A+A@A or CAPS?

Absolutely not. You do not need to mention it any time during the application/registration process. It will not be a factor in your acceptance into Akiva.

My situation has been the same for many years and it will likely stay stable for many years to come. Do I have to fill out the forms and submit all my income tax information every year?

As a general rule, both A+A@A and CAPS require that you submit your paperwork each year, so as to ensure that our process is transparent and fair. However, both programs are set up to support you throughout your child(ren)’s school years and facilitate re-registration each year.

Can I apply to both A+A@A AND CAPS?

You can apply to both programs, but you can receive a subsidy from only one of the two. The grid included in this brochure is self-explanatory, showing the positioning of both programs and should make it clear which program is best suited to your family. As a first time applicant, however, we suggest that you apply to both and choose the program that is most advantageous to you.

How to Apply?
A+A@A: Go to ACCESS AND AFFORDABILITY AT AKIVA. All steps are indicated on this page. You will be asked to create a username and password on the Apple Financial Services website and then fill out the application.

CAPS: Go to: and follow the instructions

What happens if my family’s financial situation changes in the middle of the school year or after the deadline to submit the application has passed?
If your situation changes, you can apply for A+A@A at any time.

Can we participate in the Jewish life and learning events when my family is receiving a subsidy?

It is a pleasure for Akiva to have all families on subsidy attend the Jewish life and Learning programs as guests. Simply RSVP by email to the Assistant Head – Operations and Finance and you will be registered in the program, no questions asked or fees required.

Do you have professional resources available to help our family?

Akiva has a network of community resources which we would be happy to share with you. The Head of School, the Assistant Head – Operations and Finance, and the School Counselors can refer you to these resources.

What happens if our family is not granted any, or enough assistance, through the A+A@A and would like the committee to review our file?

If this is the case, we would invite you to write a letter stating the reasons why you would like your file to be reviewed. This request for re-evaluation should include the amount that you feel your family is able to pay for school fees, as well as all the information that could help clarify your family’s financial situation.

How are the subsidies calculated?

The amount available for education assistance is calculated based on the family income (refer to the guideline in this brochure), family expenses and the standard living allowance.

Who is aware that we as a family applied for A+A@A?
A+A@A: Akiva makes every effort to keep this process as discreet and confidential as possible. Only the Head of School and Assistant Head – Operations and Finance are aware of the files. No parents, no teachers and no board members are aware of the families in the A+A@A program.

CAPS: Your CAPS application and information are strictly confidential and are used only to determine Fund eligibility. Your information is seen only by the Generations Fund CAPS administrator. Once you are accepted to the CAPS program, your information is shared with Akiva’s Director of Administrative Services to verify enrollment and in order to reimburse the school.