Annie Dahan – Class of 2008

Name: Annie Dahan

Graduating Year: 2008

High School: Lower Canada College

University: Marianopolis College (Cegep)

1. How did Akiva prepare you for high school? 

Akiva taught me great work  and life ethics, as well as how to live a healthy balanced lifestyle. This includes studying hard, taking part in athletics and most of all staying close with the family.

 2. What was the most important thing that you learned from your experience at Akiva? 

Akiva has taught me that education comes in many aspects. It is not simply comprised of classroom work, however it encompasses our athletic lifestyles as well as our everyday relationships with our closest friends, family and new acquaintances.

 3. What were your fondest memories at Akiva?

Some of my fondest memories at Akiva include baking Pizza with Marni and Stacey to learn fractions; the many amazing gym shows organized by Nick that united the whole school; the great outdoor recesses that I missed so much when I got to high school and spent most of my recesses indoors!

 4. Why should a parent choose to send their child to Akiva?

 Akiva provides children with a great base. The school teaches its students some of the most important aspects of life, which link family with Judaism, school work with athleticism, and most of all, the school provides for a very open atmosphere where all kids can feel safe and welcomed in their grade.

 5. What was your desired profession when you graduated AkivaWhere are you at now? 

During my whole childhood I was set on becoming a veterinarian, for I have always been interested in understanding those without a voice. Recently, however, I worked a lot with children and fell in love. Having the power to shape and watch children grow to their potentials may be one of the greatest accomplishments. Currently I am studying health sciences in Cegep and I hope to study Occupational Therapy at Mcgill next year, and specialize with kids.