French At Akiva – April 2019

Magali André de l’Arc, French Coordinator

It is hard to believe that we have already arrived at Pesach! The months go by and the students learn more and more, all the while feeling more and more competent in French. Teachers, meanwhile, have been benefiting from professional development with Professor Isabelle Montésinos-Gelet. Through this work, our teachers have been putting in place winning strategies with respect to inspiring a love of French literature in our students.

The first week of April, we focused on switching up our regular learning and schedules in French. From April 1 to 5, the Francofête took students out of their daily school to celebrate French in the community around them. All outings revolved around the theme of the 50th anniversary of Akiva: Past, Present, Future, the future … in French.

The 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th grades all went to the museum. The Museum of Masters and Artisans of Quebec is a museum dedicated to arts and crafts traditions. Its mission is to highlight Québec’s cultural heritage, through the arts and crafts traditions and contemporary art. The museum also offers a special place for the artistic expression of the different ethnic communities. As for the Grade 3 students, they were lucky enough to have the museum come to them!

I also need to include a special mention to grade 6 students who did a leadership activity preparing an online game for all other grades using Kahoot! – a game-based learning platform. All classes learned to live in the present moment through fun, meaningful and interesting activities. Teachers inspired students with the concept of being mindful of the moment and grateful for all that you have in your present time – as well as remembering your past – which is so important for our community.

Kindergartens turned to the future by visiting the Montréal Science Museum; while grade 4 went to the science museum in Ottawa.
This week of shared learning outside of the traditional learning with the students was a real gift. The fun started off with a day in pajamas on Monday and wrapped up by watching a film in French on Friday – and everything in between was amazing. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our students happy! And they reflected this joy as they sang in the classes and halls the hymn of the Francofête: We will sing!