Purim Schedule – Tuesday, March 10th

Purim is Coming Up! Purim Activities on Tuesday, March 10th
We are very excited to be celebrating the holiday of Purim on Tuesday, March 10th.  Purim commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from Haman, an Achaemenid Persian Empire official who was planning to kill all the Jews, as recounted in the Book of Esther. Below are some of the highlights of our Purim activities that we have planned for the day:

One of the four mitzvot/ commandments that we perform on Purim is the reading of the Megillah, the Scroll of Esther.  The Megillah is read twice on Purim, once the night of Purim, though the most important is the second reading on Purim morning. Our students and parents will have the opportunity to hear the Megillah at the following scheduled readings:

  • Shaar Hashomayim Megillah Readings
    In cooperation with Shaar Hashomayim, we are giving our families the opportunity to experience a complete, traditional Megillah reading.  All Akiva parents are invited on Purim morning (Tuesday) to bring their children directly to the Shaar for Megillah reading instead of morning prayers at the school.
    Students who attend Megillah reading at the Shaar will return to class at approximately 8:45 at the end of the reading.  If you will not be attending Megillah reading at the Shaar, please bring your children as usual to Akiva at 8:00am. We will have regular morning prayers and activities in our classes while the other families are at the Shaar. In the case of grade 6, all students will be brought by their teachers to attend the full Megillah readings (or can accompany their parents and go directly to the reading).

    There are two Megillah reading options at the Shaar:

Women’s Megillah Reading
This reading will be done by women and takes place in the Main Sanctuary at 8:00am.  The reading is open to both men and women, men and women are seated separately. Our grade 6 girls will be attending along with their teacher.

General Megillah Reading
This reading takes place in the Chapel during morning services.  This reading begins at approximately 8:00am.  For parents who wish to participate in the full morning service, the service begins at 7:15am.  The reading is open to both men and women, men and women are seated separately. Our grade 6 boys will be attending along with Rabbi Grossman.

  • Grade 6 Abbreviated Megillah Reading
    At 10:00am on that morning, our students will watch a dramatic, abbreviated Megillah reading performed by our Grade 6 students.

All children will be encouraged to dress up for the day and we are also encouraging all staff members to dress up as well.

  • Please do not send your child with any type of weapon (gun, knife, etc.) as an accessory.
  • Please ensure that the costume is in accordance with the school dress code – no sleeveless tops, appropriate length of skirt/shorts.

Please send a loonie or twonie for Matanot le-Evyonim (gifts for the poor) which is traditionally given on Purim.

– Each class will have a chance to pass by the boxes so that the children can make the donations on their own.
​​- There will be a box at the school entrance for those who would like to donate on their own as well.

One of the mitzvot of Purim is sending gifts of food, called mishloach manot to acquaintances.

  • Snacks (Kosher and peanut free) will be ordered by the school to create mishloach manot
  • The students will pack these for the exchange at the end of the day.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our Jewish Life Committee and APA volunteers, our students will be treated to a fun Purim Carnival at school.  Grades will visit the carnival throughout the afternoon and enjoy fun activities run by our parent volunteers and grade 6 students.

Please remember that due to the holiday, this day is also an early dismissal at 2:30pm.

Thank you and we are looking forward for a fun and festive day!