Social Emotional Learning

Jaimee Kravitz

Robyn Schreter

With School Counsellors Jaimee Kravitz and Robyn Schreter

At Akiva, social/emotional development is an integral part of our Whole Child educational philosophy. We teach social competencies necessary for academics and life success such as empathy, positive relationship building, self-management, and responsible decision-making skills.

Akiva School counsellors, Jaimee Kravitz and Robyn Schreter, regularly visit different classrooms to talk to the students about a range of topics such as conflict resolution, friendships, using your social filter and embracing our differences. Students are guided through discussions using role playing, games and books, making learning very hands-on and interesting. In-class discussions are complemented by small group work and team building exercises with students at lunch time that Jaimee and Robyn hold regularly as part of their “Lunch Bunch” programming.

Every week, thanks to the hard work of our school counsellors and teachers, our students consistently learn essential social/emotional skills for working with others, building resiliency, achieving goals and avoiding high risk behaviours.