Our teachers are always thinking of new innovative ways to teach. Check out what’s going on lately in our classrooms:

Twister and phonics?

Hats off to grade one teachers who are incorporating many diverse ways to teach their students phonics in order to help increase fluency! We know every student has their preferred way of learning, so we offer many different strategies that speak to many different learning styles. For our kinesthetic learners, the game of twister was transformed into a phonics game. All the students had a great time all twisted up into many sounds and word families!

Moving with Math…

Next time you walk into Grade 5 math class you better have a helmet on! We know movement stimulates the brain and learning, and moving is exactly what the students were doing as they worked cooperatively to find solutions to multi-step problems. Each member of the group was implicated in presenting the solution, as each  one had to race and find their “place” as determined by their “value” in the solution. What a creative, fun, interactive way to practice applying multiplication and division.

Ever wonder what a pyramid and subtraction have in common? Go to grade 3 and witness the children becoming their numbers and learning how to “borrow from their neighbor”. You have to see it to believe it!

On parle en Français!

Les élèves de la 2e année ont donné vie à leurs marionnettes en les faisant dialoguer pour “vrai” et sont maintenant prêts à échanger avec leurs amis sur “les bonnes manières”. Voici comment les élèves de la 2e année intègrent la communication, “character education” et comment interagir avec les autres. Bravo!