MADA Challah BakeOur grade two experienced the true meaning of Jewish values and teaching with the help of one of our grade two mothers, Lori Abadi. Lori who is actively involved in key Chessed projects in Montreal, approached Tali, our grade two teacher, and offered to include our students in the MADA Challabake for the Purim Mishloah Manot (gift baskets) project. We agreed that students will braid the Challas, which in turn will be integrated in MADA’s weekly Shabbat to Share food baskets, to families in need, and will be sent out on Thursday this week the day of Purim. To personalize it even more, each student wrote a card of Hag Sameach wishes to one family.

Challahbake2This activity directly connected to our Purim curriculum where our students learn about the four Mitzvoth of Purim; Mishteh (a feast), Megillah , Mishloah Manot (gift baskets) and Matanot la Evyonim (gifts to the less fortunate).

Lori brought all the ingredients, prepared the dough in school and while the dough was rising she taught our students about MADA, the importance of giving to less fortunate and HafrashatChalla (separating the dough) all while seamlessly tying it to ParashatHashavoua as well as the Mitzvoth of Matanot La Evyonim and Mishoah Manot on Purim.

Our students greatly enjoyed the activity which brought to life the concepts of Chessed, giving, Hafrashat Challa, the Mitzvoth of Purim and allowed them to feel a part of a united community.

Our sincere appreciation and thank you goes out to Lori Abadi, Tali and Iris who helped coordinate and run this wonderful initiative.

Hag Purim Sameach!