As we approach the holiday of Shavuot, the festival marking the receiving of the Torah, I look around and can’t help but remark on how everything going on in our Akiva community mirrors so well the lessons that we learn on this holiday.  Shavuot is a time of learning, with many so passionate about Torah that they stay up all night to study!   This passion for learning and love of Torah is what we strive to teach our students every day. When I see our Grade 1 students so excited to learn more about environmental issues or our Grade 6 students so engaged in studying Birchat HaMazon, I know we have succeeded.   One of the most important themes of Shavuot, with the story of Ruth, is highlighting the fundamental, underlying principal of the Torah – loving kindness or “chesed” to others.  Just outside my office, I see a huge “C’est dans la Sac” mural showing how our community is coming together to provide supplies for children in need to go to camp.  I see teachers and students alike giving “Gotchas” to other students for good deeds.  I see parents spending literally hours of their own time helping our school. Caring for others is really embedded in the day to day life here at our school and it makes me so grateful to be a part of this truly amazing community. This year, when you celebrate the festival of Shavuot, take pride in the fact that, as part of the Akiva family, we are living the lessons of this festival all year around.

I wish you all a beautiful holiday filled with much learning, loving and of course… cheesecake and ice cream!