I have come to the end of a remarkable, albeit brief, journey that I started with you sixteen months ago.  It has been, of course, a continuation of a profound association with Akiva that started many, many years before that.   And while my day-to-day involvement is finished, my love for Akiva, its people, and all that it stands for, will always remain with me.

Jewish education is never finished.  A new student entering Akiva in September will find a fully developed school with an active and creative staff, a talented and committed new head of school, and unanticipated opportunities.   Each family will inherit the same legacy as did I, one that continues to develop,  one that is constantly enriched by the contributions of each member of the Akiva community.

The Torah describes study as something one does when sitting at home, travelling, going to sleep and rising in the morning.  It has no beginning and it has no end;   it is part of millennia of study and of transmitting the tradition in many different places and in many different ways.  Jewish education never looks exactly the same twice, but it enriches us all, joins us together, and paves the way for new generations to come.

It has been an honour to serve you, Akiva staff, students, and parents, and to be part of a dynamic, caring Akiva family.   Thank you for your support, your collaboration, your active participation, and your commitment to our goals and our values.  I look forward to observing and sharing  Akiva’s continued growth and success in the future.

Cooki Levy

Interim Head of School