Akiva Students Shine in Canadian National Mathematics League, Mathematica Centrum Math Competition and QAMT Competition

Akiva School Grade 6 Math Team

Akiva Grade 6 Math Team (missing: Andrew Cutler and Shane Weinberger)

June 21st, 2016 – Mathematics is a priority at Akiva School and this year, Akiva students excelled in several regional mathematics competitions:

Canadian National Mathematics League

The Akiva grade 6 team came 4th in all of Quebec in the regional standings of this year’s competition.  Akiva grade 6 student Lilah Barry placed 4th and students Maya Akerman and Max Moghrabi both placed 7th in the top grade 6 students in all of Quebec.

Mathematica Centrum Math Competition

Since 1990, more than 1 000 000 students in Canada and the United States have participated in the Mathematica Centrum Math Competition. This year,  Akiva students in grades 3 through 6 participated in the competition and every grade average scored higher than the Canadian national average.

Quebec Association of Math Teachers (QAMT) Competition

Akiva students also participated in QAMT Competition this year.  The QAMT is known as one of the more challenging math competitions and grade 6 student Maya Akerman scored in the top 6 category for her grade.

  At Akiva, the ultimate goal of the mathematics program is to teach our students lifelong skills.  Math is a subject that extends beyond the classroom walls and our program is designed to help students establish links between classroom learning and everyday life,” said Stacey Smilovitch, English Language Arts and Math Coordinator. “We are thrilled to see our students thriving in Math and having opportunity to see all their efforts pay off as they succeed in these regional competitions.”