This week’s parsha includes the story of finding a suitable bride for Isaac. Eliezer, Abraham’s servant, is told to go to Abraham’s place of birth to look for a wife for his only son Isaac. Eliezer asks Abraham how he will know which young girl to choose. Abraham tells him that he will know that the right girl is one who not only wants to help Eliezer but also who looks after his camels. Rivka meets Eliezer by the well, and not only does she run to greet him, but immediately offers to feed his camels. The well becomes a symbol which is very connected to the personalities of our Torah.

For today’s parsha recipe, why not try making a cake with a well in the center. You can use your own best bundt cake recipe or Duncan Hines mix. In the center of the cake make a well. You can put a small glass cup or bowl in the center and using straws or sticks, make a tent shape over the bowl (see picture). You can even make or use figurines to represent Eliezer and Rebecca at the well.
Shabbat Shalom