Just a little something different for this week!

Pharaoh was worried; he did not like the news,
He felt the rising power that came upon the Jews,
He decided to make them work hard and enslave them,
The Jews worked very hard, they all cried to Hashem.

Pharaoh instructed Shifra and Puah, the 2 midwives,
That if a boy is born, they cannot stay alive.
They both did not listen, the thought just made them quiver,
So Pharaoh instructed each boy must be thrown into the river.

We learn about the story of Moshe and Pharaoh’s daughter Batya,
How he was saved because he was placed in a teiva.
He was saved from the basket that was placed in the water,
And when he grew up he married Yitro’s daughter.

Moshe was in charge of his father in laws flock,
One day while he was watching the sheep, he got a little shock.
One of the sheep started running away,
When Moshe ran after it, he saw something on display.

Something that does not happen and something he removed.
He stared at it in awe, he was very moved.
What did he remove and what did he see?
If you know the answer, you know this parsha perfectly.

(Answer:  He removed his shoes when he saw a burning bush that was burning and the bush was not destroyed.)