Akiva Alumni Help Out at Open House

akiva-alumni-at-open-houseThere’s no better way to promote our school than to show-off some of our amazing alumni! This year, we had a team of grade 7 Akiva alumni that came back to talk to our prospective families about how well Akiva School prepared them for high school.  Many thanks to Akiva alumni Lila Barry, Judith Danino, Ruth Feinberg, Maya Akerman, Andrew Cutler and Shane Weinberger who came back to lend a hand. Our favourite quote from the night was when our alumni were asked what they missed most about Akiva – “We miss the amazing teachers“.

Akiva Alumni Travel the World

alumni-in-tiawanWe are so proud of our Akiva alumni, Emma Wolfe, Jesse Etinson, William Mendelson, and Abigail Wolfensohn, who were selected to participate in their high school exchange trip to Taiwan and Hong Kong. Only 22 students were chosen based on their academic achievements and collaborative characters. It was an experience of a lifetime discovering a new culture and beautiful sites.

One Alumnus Story – Remembering my time at Akiva

lewis-brandmanLewis Brandman, Class of 2014
 Grade 9, International Baccalaureate Program, Bialik High School.

1.) How do you feel Akiva School prepared you for high school?

I feel that the well-rounded curriculum at Akiva really does get you more than ready for any high school. By graduating from this amazing elementary school you are already ahead of the game! The teachers at Akiva are incredible and truly prepared me for what lay ahead of me in the high school years.

 2.)  What did you love the most about Akiva?

I love the long lasting friendships that you develop in 450 Kensington. I also love the way the teachers approach learning. Students become motivated to do their best and respect the learning process. Going to Akiva makes you feel confident when you are in high school that you can handle any challenge, experience or learning opportunity that is thrown your way.

3.) Do you have a favourite memory from your time spent at Akiva?

A lot of my life was spent in this incredible school and it wouldn’t do Akiva justice to pick one moment in my eight years spent there that distinguishes itself from another. I was able to take part in the first ever Akiva hockey game which was pretty exciting. I also loved being part of the start-up of our evolved Robotics program. The school tries very hard to always make lots of great experiences on a regular basis for their students.

 4.)    Any words of advice for the current graduating class of 2017 at Akiva?

Throughout the next six months you have left at Akiva, explore your personal interests. Take advantage of the unique opportunities that you have at Akiva. Play a basketball game, go to the library and read, ask questions. Finally, appreciate the fact you have teachers and a group of friends that care about you and will leave an impact on you in a lasting and memorable way.