In March, Akiva students and parents participated in the Akiva Art Fair where they came together for an online evening of fun, creativity and chesed, painting beautiful artwork tiles to decorate the ceilings of multiple rooms in the pediatric ward of the Cité de la Santé Hospital in Laval. Today, the finished tiles were delivered and installation began at the hospital. Children getting long treatments at the hospital will no longer have to stare at blank, empty ceilings. Instead, they will feel the warmth and caring of our Akiva community while looking at the cheerful, fun artwork that was so lovingly prepared for them. What an amazing example of a meaningful and fun educational experience that is so much a part of the Akiva philosophy. Thank you to Akiva parents, Sophie Abergel, Dr. Sophie Alloul and Samara Dalfen for organizing this amazing initiative, as well as all the Akiva students and parents who all participated in the project.