pic2Life-worthy learning and building global awareness are key elements in the Akiva educational philosophy.  Every learning unit in the Akiva curriculum includes a relevant outcome or tangible product that students can apply in their real life.  This week, Akiva grade 4 students started a learning unit entitled “My Place in the World”, where the classes explore big ideas or themes with respect to growing/changing as an individual and how we are each on our own journey of life.  Hands-on learning and outreach beyond the classroom is a big part of this learning.  The outreach component of this particular learning unit for grade 4 will be done in conjunction with the online “Reach the World (RTW)” educational program.  The RTW program connects students via a digital classroom with world-wide travellers enabling them to get a real life taste of the benefits of travel.


The classes kicked off the unit watching a pair world travellers (aka Akiva teachers!) trying to navigate their way through Italy.

Let the learning and fun begin!