Recent research into “mindfulness” programming in schools is showing a variety of related benefits including better stress resilience, cognitive performance, ability to self-regulate, decreased anxiety and better ability to focus. Akiva has incorporated across all grades, from kindergarten to grade 6, a class session teaching mindfulness.  In line with the school’s “whole child” focus, the initiative entitled “Mind and Movement”, is aimed at helping students master techniques that they can use to potentially help improve their physical health, psychological well-being, social skills and academic performance.

“The students have told me that they already feel like they are benefiting from their mindfulness sessions,” said Lisa Bornstein, Akiva Mind and Movement Program instructor. “They feel like they have some great tools to help handle stress and anxiety and are really using what they learned to help them in their day-to-day.”

“Mindfulness helps me with school tests.” Matthew, Akiva grade 6 student

“The techniques help me prepare for sports tournaments.” Eytan, Akiva grade 6 student

“I taught mindful sitting techniques to my sisters.” Sadie, Akiva grade 3 student

“When I am angry, I use what I learned to think about something I love.” Gabriella, Akiva grade 3 student.

“It helps me relax.” Skylar, Akiva grade 1 student