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What are Values of the Two-Year College or university.

State-of-the-art instruction in this nation is rapidly becoming a need during the firm team in place of an extravagance. In the past the people today who experienced a secondary university exercising still had the prospect to fabricate a outstanding planet for on...
Faces of Akiva

Faces of Akiva

Emily Padan Akiva teacher Changing the world, one child at a time.  “… I’ve always wanted to be a teacher ever since I was little … I really believe that changing our future begins with our children. As teachers, we have this amazing opportunity to improve the world...

What exactly are Values of a Two-Year School.

Leading-edge education and learning in such a nation is rather quickly becoming a necessity during the organization group rather then an extravagance. During the past the people who experienced a secondary school education still experienced the prospect to manufacture...
Parshat Chukat – It’s officially summer!

Parshat Chukat – It’s officially summer!

Please enjoy this beautiful dvar Torah from Camp Ramah in New England!! Parshat Hukkat begins with a profoundly strange ritual to moderns. We must sprinkle the ashes of a brown (“red”) cow on a person who has been contaminated by contact with a dead body....