Vanessa Nezri Ohayon
Akiva Parent of 1 Akiva Alumni, 2 current Akiva students and 1 future Akiva student


Ohayon family plus…

“… I feel like my family has a real connection with Akiva School. I’m so comfortable whenever I come here and I know my kids are happy and thriving. Every morning, they are just so excited to get here –they are ready to go at 6:30am even though they have another hour until carpool! There’s an incredible relationship between home and school. The teachers listen and the school acts on the feedback they receive from parents. My kids all have different needs and the school is able to give every child exactly what they need to succeed. I see it with my daughter who is in high school now and has such a solid foundation from Akiva. Her high school teachers tell me “Your daughter has the best work habits and confidence”… I know she got that from Akiva School…”



… baby Charlotte!