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Friday, December 4th grade 2 had a very special visit!

As part of our learning for the book “Un merveilleux petit rien “, grade 2 was able to learn more about the tailor’s tradition and expertise which were passed down from generation to generation, including the Ashkenazi communities of Eastern Europe. To support student learning and help them to really appreciate the details of this story, we contacted the Museum of Trades and Artisans of Québec (Le musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec).  The Museum’s mission is to promote the ingenuity of creators and artists of handmade objects in different cultural communities in Quebec’s history and which also make up Canada’s population today.

A museum spokesperson came with a collection of  artifacts for the students to see and touch. Students explored the work of artisans of the past, their tools and their way of life. They also had fun with a hands-on learning activity where they each made their own quilted bag that they were able to keep. The students enjoyed the workshop and teachers have appreciated the educational  approach of the museum. We thank the museum for their support of our learning and we look forward to working with them again for more life-worthy learning experiences for our students.