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What does “life-worthy” learning really mean for today’s students ?

At this year’s “name of conference”, the key element identified to ensure our students’ future success was  an education that was  focussed on “life-worthy learning”, or learning that is relevant and meaningful in today’s world.  What does this look like in the classroom or even better, outside of the classroom for  building globally competent citizens?  At Akiva School,  we focus on teaching key skills in our students such as critical thinking, global awareness, collaboration, problem solving and decision making.  We teach life skills through an innovative, tightly  integrated curriculum that empowers students to take on real life challenges.   We have built a global awareness componment across  learning units in all grades.

For Akiva School life-worthy learning means:

  • Having our grade 5 “Business Entrepreneurial Unit” include students working with “LinkedIn” to understand career management.
  • Connecting our grade 4 students with Google executives in our grade 4 “Collaborating with Google” project to understand the Google vision for organizing world data.
  • Enabling all our students to get hands on experience in software coding in our school wide software engineering coding program.
  • Having our students work together and collaborate project with learning themes such as civic, environmental and entrepreneurial literacy.
  • Providing meaningful Jewish studies programming where students are connected to real life applications of Jewish values and lessons.
  • Focusing on the importance of social / emotional and moral development in our students .

At Akiva, we define life-worthy learning is as  an education in which every aspect of our students’ learning has  a relevant outcome and purpose