On Wednesday night over 150 kids came bounding into school eager and excited to do their art activity at Akiva’s annual Art Fair night. From Crazy Clay to Abstract Canvas to Pillow Magic to Fossil Fun – all were engaged in their projects and enthralled to be in school. After spending from 8:00-4:15 in school, they were all too happy to insist on coming back. So what drives them, and you, as devoted parents to leave your home only to return to school? Maybe it’s the thrill of seeing your children smile, maybe it’s about the chance to see them interact with their peers, or maybe it’s the opportunity to spend some quality time with your child. Whatever the reason the art fair is a special event.  Watching you all engaged with your kids- a familiar feeling came over me for these are the smiles I am fortunate enough to see each and every day. Perhaps we don’t need to question why is it fun to come to school at night –but rather to be thankful and revel  in the amazement that our kids love to come to school each and  every day.  This love of learning in an environment where they feel safe and secure is what keeps them running back from more and makes them so eager to share our school with their parents. The Akiva Art Fair, as well as all of our parent run programs, are special because they give you, the parents, an opportunity to experience what we, at Akiva, are fortunate to experience each and every day.